The Treasure Valley has a plethora of one of kind delicious food trucks! You may even have your own favorite and if you’re as hooked as I am you also have their location schedule down to a T. For me that would be the Chowobunga food truck which parks at the Central Valley Church off Ten Mile road every Tuesday and Thursday.

Food trucks are convenient, quick, and 99% of the time TASTY! Part of the fun of food trucks in my opinion is just stumbling across them. They can pretty much pop up anywhere at anytime so you never know what delicious street food could be literally around the corner.

If you are someone who prefers a little bit more structure or you just want to track down your favs or maybe even find new food trucks close to you, then I recommend downloading the Street Food Finder app!

Street Food Finder has lots of different food trucks mapped out in the Treasure Valley. You can see what days certain food trucks are planned to be at a certain locations and when. You can also find food trucks you may have never seen around town before listed on the app. 

Taqueria El Chino, Big Mic’s BBQ Smokehouse, and The Kilted Kod are just a few that ate listed. In addition to just using the app as a search tool, you can also contribute to the app by uploading your own photos for other food truck fanatics to check out.


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