This is literally my worst Thanksgiving nightmare and it could happen to you today if you're not careful.

This year will be the third Thanksgiving I've spent with my fiance and I always look forward to Turkey Day dinner because he's a phenomenal cook.  In fact, he's the one that introduced me to deep fried turkey.  I'd never had it before because quite frankly, turkey fryers are dangerous and no one in my family was willing to chance the risk for the reward.

Nate? Different story. He's fearless and wouldn't take no for an answer when I asked him to think twice about frying a turkey our first year together. I watched him drag the fryer full of oil, propane take and raw bird out to his backyard.  When the oil was to the correct temperature, he wrapped his arm in blankets/towels like he was about to catch a falcon on it and then dipped the bird in the piping hot fryer.  I cringed watching the entire thing, fully expecting to have to run into the house and frantically search for a fire extinguisher.

Luckily, it wasn't Nate's first rodeo with the turkey fryer and he knew what he was doing.  The bird came out great and we didn't have any accidents, but that doesn't mean I'm not nervous every year!

If you are using a turkey fryer for the first time this year, the Boise Fire Department wants you to remember a couple of important things:

  • Use your fryer on a flat, non-combustible surface that's far away from your home, car, RV, etc.
  • Bring your oil temp to 325º-350º.  That's the safe temperature to keep it from going up in flames.  If you see smoke coming out of the fryer, turn off the gas source and walk away.
  • Make sure the turkey is fully thawed.  If it's not, bad things will happen.  Like the possibility of an explosion.  If you don't believe the video below.

Miss one of these precautions and you could be in some serious trouble.  BFD actually put together a video to show what happens if you didn't follow any of the safety precautions.  Check that out below and be safe this Thanksgiving!

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