Utah Republican Governor Spencer Cox can't keep his mind off his favorite fellow Republican governor. During his monthly town hall meeting on PBS, Cox was speaking when he decided to share his opinion about Idaho's recent Republican Primary. (What Republican governor has a monthly press event on PBS? Does Utah not have several Conservative talk stations?)

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The Deseret News reviews the governor's statements concerning Governor Little. He told his audience that he was happy the Idaho governor won his election substantially. Governor Cox spared no effort in praising Governor Little.  

"is one of the most conservative governors in the country. I think he's an excellent conservative. He's a model conservative. He's the type of governor that we need and the effective governor that I aspire to be."

Governor Cox said Idaho's Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin was not more Conservative than Governor Little. Governor Cox has been criticized heavily by Fox News Host Tucker Carlson.  

I doubt most Idaho Republican voters would agree with his assessment of Little and McGeachin. It's disappointing that a neighboring state governor would interject himself in state party politics. Has Governor Cox ever met Janice McGeachin? Why insert himself into a contentious interparty primary battle that has already been battle? 

Republicans have been preaching post-primary unity for years, yet Governor Cox's actions undermine the very nature of party unity. A governor is supposed to lead by example. How often have the likes of Governor Cox lectured conservatives to support the party for the greater good? Perhaps, the governor should practice what they preach or mind his own business.  

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