It isn't often that you hear about a veto coming from the Governors office. If you slept though civics class growing up--here's a basic refresher: a veto is when the executive branch of the government says NO to a law passed by the legislative branch--which then sends it back requiring further approval.

Well, Brad Little said NO to the Idaho legislature but it wasn't over a bill as serious as you might think would warrant a veto. It was all about: Drivers Education.

Here in Idaho, we like to think we're great drivers. The roads are relatively wide, parking spaces in downtown Boise may as well fit two cars instead of one, and more often than not you'll catch Idahoans 'waving' each other in or across on our roads and intersections.

Do we just have very kind drivers ed teachers?

We all remember the days of taking driving lessons--but because some parts of rural Idaho have limited access to these classes, legislators wanted to pass a bill that would allow parents to teach their children how to drive. This motion passed both the house and senate here in Idaho--but Governor Brad Little drew the line!

Does Brad Little have no faith in our parents to teach us to drive? Has he witnessed bad driving habits that must not be passed along to our kids!? If you're reading this, Governor, we hope that

It's possible...but the reasoning was far more logical. The loss of drivers ed in Idaho would have cost the State of Idaho just shy of $100,000 in revenue.

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Seriously though, enough is enough.


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