I went on somewhat of a Facebook rant yesterday in regards as to how I felt Idaho was being portrayed on social-media after the Middleton Elementary School Scandal. In it, I told my truth on how I see the people of Idaho as open, caring, and loving. Sure, ignorance exists anywhere you look and Idaho just like any other state isn't perfect, but overall it's a great place with good people.

An example of this was shown at a Human Rights Vigil held at Ann Morrison Park this weekend to commemorate those who lost their lives recently in Pittsburg and Kentucky.

KTVB Reports:

People gathered at the Anne Frank Memorial in Boise Sunday to honor lives lost in hate-filled shootings.
The vigil was to remember the 11 lives lost in last Saturday's anti-semitic shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, as well as to remember two people killed in a racially-motivated shooting at a Kroger grocery store in Kentucky.

Though these acts of violence happened so far away, the people in our community still gather to send a positive message. You can also check out my Facebook Live video talking about my 10-year experience in Idaho.