I went on somewhat of a Facebook rant yesterday in regards as to how I felt Idaho was being portrayed on social-media after the Middleton Elementary School Scandal. In it, I told my truth on how I see the people of Idaho as open, caring, and loving. Sure, ignorance exists anywhere you look and Idaho just like any other state isn't perfect, but overall it's a great place with good people.

An example of this was shown at a Human Rights Vigil held at Ann Morrison Park this weekend to commemorate those who lost their lives recently in Pittsburg and Kentucky.

People gathered at the Anne Frank Memorial in Boise Sunday to honor lives lost in hate-filled shootings.
The vigil was to remember the 11 lives lost in last Saturday's anti-semitic shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, as well as to remember two people killed in a racially-motivated shooting at a Kroger grocery store in Kentucky.

Though these acts of violence happened so far away, the people in our community still gather to send a positive message. You can also check out my Facebook Live video talking about my 10-year experience in Idaho.


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