Of all of the cities in the United States, our very own Boise, Idaho is one of the fastest growing. Think about that for a second. We hear about it all of the time, Boise is growing and it's growing quickly. Is the growth making for more traffic hazards and rage?

One video that is making the rounds online is from right here in Boise--and wow, is it intense!

Well, no matter who you are in the Treasure Valley, we're convinced that THESE things are guaranteed to get you worked up a little bit-- can you relate? 

10 Things Guaranteed to Give Boise Drivers Road Rage

Merging, turn signals, and Eagle Road--oh my. A Boise driver's worst nightmare? 

Well, according to a recent viral video, the rage on Eagle Road is REAL. After originally watching the argument on TikTok and admittedly laughing about how worked up these two angry men were getting--we caught something: the license plates were from IDAHO.

Yes, after surveying the background of the video, it appears that this was taken on Eagle Road. Of course the post only needed one hashtag in the caption: #RoadRage.

Interested in watching the video? You can catch the action, below. Just a warning, it's a little explicit:


@redsnapper1000 #roadrageproblems ♬ original sound - user1759971410154

Of course, some of the comments that were going up on the video were salty and priceless.

In our personal favorite, one user wrote:

This sounds like a deleted scene from Step Brothers

Yes, my friend. yes it does.

It's been a year and some change of pandemic and crude internet humor--have you caught any of these memes sure to make you laugh, and think? 

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