Many people have heard of foreign exchange students, or students that come from another country to study in the United States. What some people may not know is that sometimes these students are placed completely randomly in the United States. Right now, a lot of the random placements are being revealed and the students have taken to Tik Tok to share where they have been placed and some have been getting better comments and feedback then others! 

One girl has shared that she is going to Rigby, Idaho and while we think that it’s so cool she’ll get to study in Idaho the internet does not think so! The comments are being flooded by haters that aren’t making a single positive comment about her video. 

Rigby Tik Tok Gone Viral

These comments are crazy

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

We don’t understand why people are so upset about this girl being placed in Idaho! We think she’s not only going to have a great experience but learn so much from being in Rigby! 

People have taken the hating to a whole other level when they started making Tik Toks about the girl and her foreign exchange student placement. It seems to have become a trend to hate on Idaho, especially Rigby. The comments and videos being made are taking Idaho slander to a whole new level. 

Often we’ve seen conspiracy theories about Idaho not being real or people forgetting that the state even existed but never people hating on the state so badly! All we know is that if they lived here they wouldn’t be saying all of the negative things on the internet.

Does Idaho Exist?

This conspiracy theory is crazy!

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

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What an amazing talent! Have you seen this video?

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