Oh, Idaho. We love you so...but sometimes, you're just too predictable.

We recently went on a search to see what some of the top TikTok videos in or about Idaho were and to no surprise we found one of the most viewed has to do with California. What's all the hype? A popular TikTok user that moved here from California has some videos about how she both didn't love living in Idaho and another documenting her move BACK to California.

The comments are brutal--people encouraging her to leave and saying that 'we're full'.  We should note, the user seems awesome, made a lot of content about the UPSIDES of Idaho while she was here, and just doesn't deserve the bashing.

Here's a look at the drama surrounding one Californian's move to Idaho...and their eventual return

TikTok User Gets Roasted For Returning to California From Idaho

Why are people so mean in the comments? We're better than this, Idaho...

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

So why did Shannon not like Idaho? 

To be fair--she makes it clear in her video(s) time and time again: Idaho is a nice place, it just isn't for her or her husband. She says that being near family has been great-- but at the end of the day, she has not been able to feel like herself in Idaho. That, for anyone, is a reason to move and be your best self where you're comfortable!

Weather was another complaint from Shannon who says she knows people will come at her for it, but it's either really cold or really hot here in Boise. Education and politics are two other categories that Shannon says are not her cup of tea in Idaho.

On the upside, she shares that she loves how safe it feels here. We love that, too!

Perhaps the biggest missing piece in Idaho for Shannon and her husband? No surfing.

If you're reading this, Shannon, we're sorry that Idaho wasn't more kind. Keep up the great videos.

@shannonmleslie When the Idahoans kept tellin me to “go home” but like ok Bob, I am trying. #fyp #foryou #boise #idaho #idahome #leavingboise #leavingidaho #byebyeidaho #leaving #boisestate #imcominghome #movinghome #moving #missrachel ♬ original sound - Ms Rachel


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So, if Californians are really invading Idaho the way that the internet acts as though they are...where else are they moving? We've got news for you: a lot of other places...

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