Spooky Season is officially HERE, Boise! It seems like Mother Nature really wants us to know that, too-- with temperatures dropping like CRAZY overnight now. Just this morning I caught myself caving already and turning on the heater in my house. I woke up feeling like I was in a freezer!

Bundle up and get yourself composed-- we're sending you to Haunted World all this week just in time for Spooky Season!

For years, Haunted World has been our area's top haunted attraction and this fall, that is no different! Having grown up here in the Treasure Valley, I remember and still know: this is THE destination for Halloween.

There are three separate attractions within the Haunted World realm. The Corn Maze is by far the most popular aspect, which stretches about a mile and takes haunted attraction goers through all sorts of obstacles and adventures.  Make sure you aren't wearing shoes you like--it can get messy, surviving out there. If you make it out, that is. There is also a haunted house, also known as Skullvania. It's a 15 minute long experience that will keep you up all night. All together, you're looking at about 45 minutes to an hour of haunted fun at Haunted World.

Want to win your way in? We've got tickets every morning with Keke + Kat and each afternoon with me! Feel like winning right now? Enter below!

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