Our pets deserve a fun day at the park, like anyone else, right?  Well, did you know you can walk your dogs, off the leash?  Well that is until tomorrow.  November 1st to March 1st, is something called "off-leash" season.  Sounds like a great time for your dogs!  So if you have been walking them without the leash, but didn't even know about this, you're more informed now, if you didn't know about this but always use a leash, well you're out of luck until next season in Boise LOL.

However, according to KTVB there are many other parks and designated foot hill areas that are off-leash all year round. Check them out here

Here are some things to make sure your being a good neighbor and citizen when walking your pets, in the park according to vetstreet.com


1. Updated Vaccinations

2.Keep Leash On, Until You're In an Off-Leash Designated Area

3. Remove The Leash, Before Playing With Other Dogs

4.Train Them To Enter The Park Calmly(reward for good behavior)

Don't Do

1. Take your puppies to the park.  They're not ready(for realz)

2. Don't get distracted. (Find your dates on Tinder)

3. Don't bring an overly hyper dog or an under-exercised dog(they could hurt themselves)

4. Don't get in the middle of a dog fight!  You or someone else is going to get bit.  Instead here are some other ways to break up a dog fight!

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