We've all seen the movies with all the people on the roof tops waiting for the aliens to come take them away. Around this time of the year a lot of people get excited about seeing ghost and experiencing some sort of paranormal activity. The Treasure Valley has many places that claim to be haunted but there is one place that has a long history of paranormal activity and hundreds of eye witness accounts.

Pete's Tavern in Nampa on 12th street has been around since the 40's and it's been everything from a Chinese laundry to a Speakeasy. It would make sense that a place as old as this would have a spirit or two hanging out but this place takes the cake. Apparently there are at least four confirmed spirits that reside at Pete's. A grumpy old man and a shy young woman are the two most well known amongst patrons. Here are just some of the experiences that customers and employees have experienced.

1. Patrons are frequently tapped on the back only to find no one standing there.

2. TV's turn on and off. ( no remotes being used)

3. A man that spent the night in the basement refused to talk about what he experienced after he was found bent over the bar.

4. While cleaning up after a party the owner had a balloon float up to his face, he pushed it away 5 times and after he was finished cleaning he and his wife looked everywhere but never found the balloon.

5. A regular patron was sitting at the bar when he saw a grey outline of a woman, he pointed it out to the bartender who was puzzled because they we're the only two people in the building.

More recently a ktvb"s Brian Holmes spoke to a new employee at Pete's Tavern who said that in the first two weeks that she worked there the restroom door had closed in her face twice. By the way, when she took the job she was unaware that the place was haunted.

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