For some, the answer is an internet comment.

Don't agree with a point of view? Internet comment!

Not happy with someone's decision? Internet comment!

Someone didn't agree with your take on Avatar 2? Internet comment!

See a trend here? As humans, we tend to think that if we simply say something, it becomes truth, and somehow holds weight. Not the case.

So, if you truly, truly want people in Idaho to "go back where they came from," we have a pitch for you to consider.

Think about it: What's the fastest, simplest way to clear out a party? That's right: Play a song you know is going to annoy everyone to the point where they're forced to make an exist.

See where we're going here?

So here's the plan: Every day, seven days a week, at noon, the city of Boise blasts "What Does The Fox Say" by Ylvis on loudspeakers throughout the city.

Listening back, you might laugh, thinking "OMG I remember this! So funny!" That's fine. Listen to it again. Then a third time. Then on loop until you die.

You'll want to cross state lines as fast as possible. Or two. Or three, if you're feeling really frisky.

If you have any connections in local Boise government, and can get us in touch with someone who can make this happen asap, that'd be great. We have no idea how to make this happen, but it would make us laugh, so any help is appreciated.

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