We're not going to get into why some folks have taken it upon themselves to no longer drink Bud Light. We don't do politics.

What we do do (hehe, doodoo), however, is keep you abreast of the best places in the Treasure Valley for food, entertainment, and fun events. That being said, wanted to quickly let you know about one Boise restaurant chain that is outright refusing to serve Bud Light. We're not taking a side, just pointing out a fact.

So, yes, a very popular restaurant chain with locations in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Eagle, and all over the Treasure Valley will not serve you Bud Light. No matter how nicely you ask.

Burgers? Sure, the place has great burgers. Many people are saying that's what they're best known for. But you really haven't had the full experience unless you get it with a side of their amazing fries. Gotta have the fries.

Salads? Of course. If you're so interested in light beer, then clearly you're a calorie counter who's emotionally invested in salads. They have plenty. Tasty ones at that.

Shakes? Dude. Yes, it's kind of old-fashioned to have a chocolate or vanilla shake at a restaurant mostly known for their food, but trust us, this may be the one place with a can't-miss chocolate shake experience.


The restaurant in question? McDonald's! Can you believe they're refusing to serve Bud Light?

Yes, this is satire. Send it to someone who gets worked up over silly stuff, and have a great weekend! ;)


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