How is this for a concept? You can actually feed your ex to a wild animal at the San Antonio Zoo without even needing to go to San Antonio? What are we doing, Idaho? Why aren't we doing this locally. I would love for this to be a local option made available to us. I know that in a year of COVID-19 and virtual everything... there will be plenty of Idahoan's ready to sign up for this fun little idea. We're totally here for it. By now, we're used to doing everything virtually anyway?

Cue your inner Gabby Barret as you do when we play "I Hope" on 103.5 KISS FM! You know, as the song goes...

And then I hope she cheats
Like you did on me
And then I hope she cheats
Like you did on me


Lying, cheating, stealing...ex's are the worst and I think that we ALL have a story or three of an ex that really did us dirty. It's all a part of what you sign up for when you "risk" entering into a relationship.

No, we don't want you to cause actual harm on your ex...that wouldn't be nice. But you can give money to a great cause while getting a little bit of closure via the San Antonio Zoo.

"Cry Me A Cockroach" as it has been dubbed is an event where anyone can name a cockroach after their ex and have it fed to one of the amazingly hungry animals at the zoo! Was your ex more of a rat? Well, there's an option for that too!  You can name a pre-froze rat after your ex to be fed to a real hungry reptile! Take that, crazy ex!!

Learn more, HERE.

I totally love this concept and it's a great way to raise some funds for a good cause, too.

How could this be done in Idaho? Simple. Zoo Boise has a ton of animals and I'm sure they're already being fed...why not name them after some ex's and make money?

Take for example the Lion at Zoo Boise-- according to Zoo Boise, when it comes to dinner time:

Lions receive a commercial carnivore meat diet (has vitamins & supplements added), bovine bone shanks with meat, or chunk bovine meat with supplements added.

I would totally pay $25 to name a bone shank!

Zoo Boise also has a Black-Handed Spider Monkey who is fed spiders. I would pay to name a spider after my ex.

Dear Zoo Boise, let's make it happen.


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