This year's 4th of July parade temperatures reached a toasty 88 degrees and there was plenty of cooling off thanks to the fire department, fans, and the 103.5 Kissfm staff. The water fight was fierce!

Doesn't everyone look so happy! This is the entire 103.5 Kissfm Squad including our new large inflatable duck. See the smiles on everyone's faces. Can you say, glorious! This is how it starts each year and by the photos below you will see things change extremely fast. The 4th of July Parade in Boise is mostly dry until the final few minutes. This is when the sweet little kids terrorize us with buckets of water and hundreds of water balloons. Let's give a big shout out to the person who made that gadget filling up 100 water balloons in 30 seconds 👍

Photo by: Kekeluv

Let's give an additional shout to everyone who brings ANYTHING that will fill up with water. I mean, ANYTHING! This is the one time where we get to really let go and have fun with everyone who listens each day. We never take for granted those moments and will try to enjoy all the future ones. This picture just shows you how creative people get when it comes to dumping some water on the Kiss Squad 💧💧

I will admit that no matter how much we prepare for this amazing 4th of July Parade, the kids own us. There is one moment that I pay close attention to that you might miss. Community. Family. Fun. I watch coaches teaming up with their players, neighbors blowing up balloons together, and parents playing with their kids. The world is a very complicated place right now and sometimes we forget what it feels like to be carefree. These moments let us take a vacation from our problems even if for only a few minutes.

To quote something my son say's, "Thank you, people!"