The world is buzzing over the recent launch of Space X's largest rocket every launched from planet Earth.  Are you wondering whatever happened to the red Tesla or Elon Musk's Starman?  No need to look any further than right here.  This was not the first launch for Space X.  The private enterprise has virtually replaced NASA as the go to for space launches.   Musk's company has been sending supplies to the International Space Station for years, according to

Flights like the one that took place this week are designed to give engineers real experience, that they hope will lead to manned flights to the Moon and Mars.

President Trump has said repeatedly that he would like America once again to be the leader in Space Exploration.  The Trump Administration's view is one hundred eighty percent turn from the Obama Administration.  Barrack Obama cut NASA's budget and encouraged private companies to fulfill America's Space requirements.

You can watch the Starman right now here.

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