Keke and Ace

I was able to get home around 3 p.m. Friday to hang with the family, get the kids out for an hour, and get back home for dinner. That's when we noticed our little dog Ace was struggling to breathe. Damn.

I've watched this little weenie dog eat mice of every kind, lizards, 2x4 wood and the list go on. This guy actually tried to bite his way out of a kennel one day and lost the battle. You could see about 7 teeth scattered across the floor when I came home with the kennel moved into the hallway. I kind of thought he was invincible.

Lennox and Ace

Today was different. We knew it. Ace is 12 years old and was having trouble with his heart and it was noticeable. I wrapped him up and headed to the hospital. I know that I'm supposed to be the tough daddy in moments like this but I'm a kid at this moment. The doctor came outside to meet me because they could tell something was wrong. You can't just walk in because of the coronavirus. Most of the people with pets were sitting in cars waiting on help. I knew once she took Ace right in there was a problem.

I could just see it on everyone's faces that my guy wasn't coming home tonight. I got to say hello, pet him and just look at him a few moments before they explained what was going on.

Ace's heart was enlarged, there was liquid where it shouldn't be and they thought some valves were busted (mind you I'm no doctor so please forgive me). They had him on oxygen and we decided to keep him overnight letting all this calm him down. I think at that moment you're hoping he'll be better in the morning.

I received a call when I got home that Ace wasn't going to make it. I didn't have any time to get back and had to make the call over the phone. I was crushed. I am devastated. I understand this isn't a coronavirus situation and we're very lucky. That doesn't take away the 10 years I got to spend with him and what he means to our children. My son will be heartbroken when he wakes up in the morning and I just don't know what to tell him. This will be my first big daddy conversation that we'll have while keeping myself focused.

My conversation with Ace about bringing in a new baby to the family.
My conversation with Ace about bringing in a new baby to the family.

My wife got that little guy out of high school and she's been crying all night. I've been on the phone making arrangements and waiting till the wifey went to bed so I good get rid of his stuff. That part sucks. I know I'm a dad but my heart is broken too.

I come here to write everything and right now I'm just at a loss of words. Dads are supposed to be strong and tough guys but, I'm struggling.

We'll miss you Ace. Thanks for being our little best friend, watching over Lennox/Leo, and always waking up with me at 3:30 each morning. Paige got you right after high school and she's never going to forget you. Never.

It's quiet around the house already Ace. 😢

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