If you follow us on Instagram, I can almost guarantee that Mikey and I have annoyed you with a donut Thursday post. Here at 103.5 KISS FM, we get donuts every Thursday from the homies over at Pastry Perfection. While we have been all too guilty of eating these ourselves, we recently realized that these sweets could really make someones day during all of this COVID-19 noise.

So, we're wanting to bring you donuts.

We've been to offices, hospitals, homes, and homeless shelters--all to share the smile that a box of donuts can bring on a Thursday. Interested? Let's get you entered.

Just fill out the form below and tell us what the occasion is. It's important that we know WHERE you will be on Thursday afternoon so fill out that address line accordingly. We'll be in touch if you're one of our lucky donut stops this week!


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