In the few short months I've been engaged, I realize that there are some parts of planning a wedding that are far easier than others.

After "have you guys picked a date?" the question I've gotten the most is "how's the wedding planning coming."  I try to smile and lie through my teeth "It's going amazing!" The truth is all we've got done right now is a target date (we don't have a venue yet, so the day we're telling everyone could fall through,) our DJ (I had that done the night Nate proposed) and a potential food/alcohol caterer.

...and our wedding party! I don't know if Nate's officially asked all of his groomsmen to be part of our big day yet.  I know that the co-worker that introduced us is in and I'm fairly sure our Best Man may have already started planning a speech that I'm sure will mortify all three of us.

As for my Bride Tribe? I didn't want to wait too long to ask them! Between Live for 175, Idaho's Largest Garage Sale, Boise Pride, BMF and the 4th of July Parade, I don't have any free time to do wedding planning until mid-July. That's why I needed my girls by my side to start helping with ideas ASAP!

When my sister asked me to be in her wedding, she handmade all of use these really cute cards to ask us if we'd be bridesmaids. I scoured Pinterest for creative to do my "Bridesmaid Proposal" and found everything from balloons filled with glitter, to crossword puzzles, cookies and hidden messages in eggs!

But the idea that I loved the most was the Bridesmaid Boxes so I creative I got to work! I grabbed some blank wooded boxes, paint, Modge Podge and crinkle cut shred from Michael's.  I painted the boxes in our wedding colors, navy and blush.  I used my Cricut Explore (which I'm obsessed with) to cut my bridesmaid's names out of glitter card stock to add to each box and to write a message on the inside of them.  I filled them with goodies like nail polish, bath bombs, their initials, a chocolate bar and bottle of champagne. All in all, I'm pretty proud of how they came out! So far I'm 4/5 on "yes answers" from the Bride Tribe! (I still need to send my little sister's to Minnesota.)

Want to see what I put together? Check out the pictures below!

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