Hi! I'm Michelle Heart and I don't know the first thing about planning a wedding...but thanks to my Maid of Honor, I'm taking a huge step in actually starting to plan while she's home next week!

Things at the station and at my fiance's job right now are so insane, that realistically we didn't think we'd be doing much wedding planning until after Boise Music Festival.  We have until August 2018 to lock everything down just the way we want it, but that hasn't stopped everyone who knows about the wedding from asking us 3,000 questions about our plans.

After "have you set a date?" the #1 question I get is "so what style of dress are you looking for?" I just stare blankly back at the person asking me because honestly...I have no idea.  But hopefully after next Monday I will!

My Maid of Honor is currently studying at Catholic University in Washington DC, but let me know that she's coming home for Easter and staying a few days after so I blurted out "We should go look at dresses when you're here!" So next Monday evening, I've got my first dress appointment at David's Bridal over by the mall!

Almost immediately after I booked my appointment online, I got an e-mail telling me to make sure I prepare for it.  I didn't know I had anything to do to get ready for it!  If you're a clueless bride to be like me, here's what David's suggested and some other helpful tips from around the intrawebs!

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    Save Your Favorites

    I must have the world's worst wedding Pinterest board right now! It's full of flowers, table decor and hair ideas, but no wedding dresses.  David's recommends pinning or saving pictures of the dresses you like so they can help understand your style.  Luckily, they say that their stylists are expert dress matchmakers so if you don't know what you're looking for yet, they can make some great suggestions.

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    Time It Right

    Hey! I actually did something right! David's Bridal suggests making your appointment a few months before you walk down the aisle.  Why? Some wedding dress styles can only end up in the Treasure Valley through special order.  It also lets you have enough time for alterations so your gown fits right on the big day.

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    Bring The Right Underwear

    Don't blush! This is a serious tip from Desiree Hartsock! You've seen beautiful gowns before where you wonder how the bride got into that dress in the first place and how everything's staying in place.  Desiree suggests wearing nude boy shorts and a strapless bra to your appointment for the most comfortable experience.  A lot of dresses have built in support so you might not need a bra.  Personally, I'm bringing the stick-on backless bra I got at Charlotte Russe for my appointment that I bought for dresses with low or no-backs.

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    Keep Your Squad Small

    You obviously want some of your friends and family members to come with you to offer their feedback on dresses, but Desiree recommends keeping that number to about 2-3 people so you're not overwhelmed.  She also recommends bringing the same people to every appointment so they can get a real feel for your style and what you like.  I'm bringing my Maid of Honor and any of my other bridesmaids that want to come with me to my first appointment.

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    Bring a Hair Tie

    Bet you didn't think about this one, did you? Most wedding sites recommend bringing a hair tie to pull your hair up with when your stylist is clipping the dress to your size.  It's easy to pull down if you want to see what the dress looks like with your hair loose.

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