Each and every Wednesday in downtown Boise, we throw a pretty fun party at Humpin' Hannah's on Main Street. Hannah's is just one of those bars that is impossible to NOT have fun at. Once Rocci Johnson and The Rocci Johnson Band hit the stage, all craziness ensues. If you've been out to one of our Happy Happy Hump Night parties you know exactly what I am talking about.

Over the past few weeks, we thought it would be fun to play some beer pong at our 103.5 KISS FM table and little did we know--it has been a hit. It seems Like so many people just see the game and have to take "just one" shot...that quickly turns into a whole new, competitive, game.

This got us thinking--we need to find downtown Boise's BEST Beer Pong Team. What better way to do that than a tournament--and which better place to hold it, than Humpin' Hannah's!?

So here's the deal. Gran your ride or die. The one that always comes in clutch and can't miss a shot when you need it the most. We're throwing an ultimate Blue Balls Beer Pong Tournament and you're invited.

Our grand prize will feature a super cool CUSTOM Beer Pong table that you can take home as your bragging right.

Ready to sign up? We're looking for teams of two. Enter below!

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