Halloween takes on an entirely new meaning once you have kids. The holiday becomes less about your own plans and costume and more about teaching our kids what to be excited for! We have spent the majority of this month explaining to our three-year-old that Halloween is a fun, spooky time where we can be anything we want for one night and eat lots of candy. Naturally, she was very excited. We asked her what she wanted to dress up as- the answer was a no-brainer for her- Minnie Mouse and a Unicorn. We picked up two adorable costumes which she insisted on trying on for size several days a week. Every time she saw something to do with Halloween, she became very adamant that she would be going trick or treating as a unicorn soon. Our method of Trick or Treating at the young age she is visiting local churches for a “Trunk or Treat” experience. It’s a little bit safer in my opinion, and the kids get to run around to a bunch of decorated cars where the candy sits in the trunk. It’s always so fun to see all the little ones in their costumes. I think I have just as good of a time as my daughter when we go.

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