Have you ever wondered "What historic piece of art most embodies me?"

There's an app for that.

Google's "Art & Culture" has been out for over two years, designed to let users dive deeper into history and art with virtual tours and galleries. Now, its newest feature is causing a frenzy on social media. Their new feature (which launched in December) compares you selfie two thousands of works of art, and through a complicated algorithm, shows you what art piece you closest resemble.

It's pretty basic: You take a selfie using the app, and Google scans thousands of paintings and portraits to find your closest match. Does it work? Here's what Google Arts & Culture came up with for my photo:

Instagram @Cruisegram / National Academy Museum & School
Instagram @Cruisegram / National Academy Museum & School

If you squint really hard, and take a couple shots of hard liquor, the similarities are undeniable. If you want to compare your selfie to some classic works of art, you can grab the app here:

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