No, it's not pollen, tissue paper, paper towels, and we're not under attack! I was just slightly arguing with our marketing director about what this stuff flying around the Boise is. She kept ducking like this was some kind of ex peeping through the trees.

Say hello to the fluffy, puffy cotton balls most like derived from Cottonwood trees. These parachute style materials will make your hair a mess and windows down in your ride a mess. The truth is that you're witnessing Summer Bliss ❤️I'm kidding.

These particles fly around and they fray away from these Cottonwood trees taking flight across the city. It's funny to sit outside and watch people walking around commenting. I guess to their credit there are a lot of transplants living in Boise. This is probably foreign to them kind of like fireflies where I grew up in Texas.

This is a seasonal thing and from what I've read doesn't impact your allergies. I'm sure some will disagree as the sneezing, sniffling and boxes of tissues seem to be in play right now.

If you come into contact don't freak out because Spring is here and Summer is on the doorstep. Don't worry it doesn't last forever but it can be a pain when cleaning up. If you want to learn more I will post a link below and please don't judge me. I'm not an expert but I hear a lot of people talking about these floating, fluffy white clouds of cotton. You might here about poplars and cottonwood seeds. You can learn all you want as I just try to get them vacuumed out of my Jeep.

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