Ahh, Booch. It's great for your gut AND for your health!  What's not to love about Booch? If you don't know, now you do: it's NATIONAL BOOCH DAY all across the Treasure Valley and beyond, today!

I have a really good friend that actually brews his own booch and it's absolutely amazing.  That is probably out of most of our wheelhouses, so, here's to getting some local Kombucha, right?

The first company that I found that locally makes and sells Kombucha is Idaho Kombucha Company. As they state on their website:

Idaho Kombucha Co. (IKC) is a small brewery in Boise, Idaho that handcrafts kombucha tea using organic ingredients and locally-sourced herbs, fruit and roots. IKC founders Mike & Terri Landa are committed to making the highest quality kombucha available without compromise.


Another spot is Good Vibes Kombucha, here in Boise! Their about me states:

Good Vibes fermented tea is brimming with hard-working, friendly flora bacteria that supports digestive health, boosts your immune system, assists in cellular detoxification, and supports vibrant energy and a overall health.

Good Vibes Kombucha Co. provides you a healthy, organic, and delicious alternative to the traditional tap beverage.

Harness the powerful benefits of this amazing fermented superfood and feel the effects of Good Vibes Kombucha today!


I have seen local Kombuchas on tap at various breweries like Sockeye, Meriwether, and Boise Brewing before but have never tried them. More times than not, if I'm at a local brewery, I'm there for something that has a little more "gusto" than a Kombucha.

Do you have a favorite local product?


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