There are some things that are very Boise and that's what makes this community great. The Boise Goathead Fest is one of those things. If you just moved to Boise or the Treasure Valley you might be asking yourself... what is the Boise Goathead Fest? I understand if you're imagining a gigantic BBQ event where the main ingredient is goat meat. Fortunately that is not what the Goatfest Fest is all about.

Imagine you being cooped up all winter long and then at the first sign of decent temperatures and by decent I meant 50-60 degrees you decide to take the bike out for a ride. As you start to feel the sunshine caress you face and the crisp air run through your hair your mind takes you to a different time and all you can think about is the joy that riding your bike as a kid brought you. You take a deep breath and feel so alive as you cruise down the greenbelt and then tragedy strikes. Your tire is goes flat, the dreaded Boise Goathead strikes again!

According to the Boise Goathead site "Nearly 50% of the bicycles BBP donates to kids have flats tires within the first 3 months! and it is time the community comes together and systematically gets rid of the Gertrude nutlets once and for all!"

The goal is to eliminate 4000 pounds of goatheads by pulling and bagging them one at a time. This year the effort started on June first and the culmination is on August 28th when the actual Fest takes place at Cecil D Andrus Park. By the way while picking goatheads may not sound like fun the Fest is a party and then some. If you're plaining on going to this super fun event you should know that masks will be required and "vaccination is expected" for anyone over 12 years old.

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