Where there are people, there is crime. And with Idaho being the fastest-growing state in the country, more people bring more crime.

But even with the Gem State's influx of newcomers, this story is truly insane and needs to be read.

It all starts with 40-year-old Cheri Tingey reportedly overdosing on medication and jumping out of a window. Ammon police were called to the scene, and window jumping was by far the least of their concerns upon arrival.

The victim in this particular case, an adult male, claims they suffered multiple injuries via Tingey, who must've been in quite the mood because her methods of assault are literally all over the place. According to reports, the victim sustained multiple injuries including:

  • Being punched
  • Multiple scratches
  • Having cupboards thrown at him
  • And yes, being stabbed with a pair of house scissors

The unnamed victim was stabbed in the shoulder with said scissors, which lead to Tingey being charged with domestic battery, which could equate to up to ten years in prison.

Tingey (again, the stabby lady with the scissors) claimed she was also stabbed, but that was debunked later.

So what happens to Scissors McStabby now? Tingey is scheduled to appear at a preliminary hearing on January 11th in Bonneville County.

What have we learned? Let's recap:

  • Drugs are bad
  • Don't stab people with scissors
  • That's pretty much it

We're only a few days away from 2022, and I feel confident in writing that we'd all like it to be calm, uneventful, and free of scissor violence.

Let's make 2022 scissor-stab free, shall we?

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