Vote, vote, vote. It's all we're hearing these days on social media, tv, commercials on nearly every platform, and more. To be honest, while it's a LOT of messaging around one single thing...I can think of far worse problems. Imagine living in a place where your vote and your voice didn't count?  I'm glad we have the civic duty to vote here in the United States of America.

No matter who you're voting for this election season, if you've mailed in a ballot or dropped one off at a drop box. In other words-- if you have participated in absentee voting--simply submitting that ballot isn't enough.

Did you know that once you send it back, you can actually track your ballot's status? That way you KNOW it was received and counted?  By the way, if there was an issue with your ballot, they can tell you that as well so that you can contact the county clerk and make sure you correct course.

I just checked the status of my ballot which I sent back via mail and saw that it is valid and accepted!

According to the Ada County Elections Office, things are going great!

I also love that you can watch a live stream of the ballot room, whenever you want, from wherever!  Check it out below:

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