Are you one of the lucky few?

One of those folks who can drive their entire commute to and from work without encountering a Washington license plate in Idaho not even once?

If so, you are some kind of special, because Washington license plates are all over Idaho. So, what do you do when you see one?

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Honestly, the correct reaction when you see a vehicle in Idaho wearing a Washington license plate is to...simply continue doing what you were doing.

But that isn't fun, so we asked ChatGPT what we Idahoans should do if we encounter a license plate starting with W out in the wild...

The proper reaction is simply to carry on with one's day as usual. Seeing a vehicle with Washington plates driving in Idaho is a common occurrence, as people frequently travel between states for various reasons such as work, leisure, or visiting family and friends. It's important to remember that license plates do not define an individual's intentions or character, and making assumptions based on someone's license plate is unfair and unwarranted. Therefore, the appropriate response is to treat the situation with normalcy and respect, without attaching any significance to the origin of the vehicle's license plates.


Ugh. So I guess we're really supposed to just...keep driving.

(Yes, this is satire. If you see a vehicle with another state's license plate on it, mind ya' business, weirdo!)


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