The idea was to perform "Tap That App" on the BMF stage before Flo-Rida closed the show.

That was the idea. It did not go well.

We had it all planned out. Music, backup dancers, the whole deal. Sadly, almost none of it came to fruition. Shortly before Mateo and I stormed the BMF stage, we were informed that our music was not able to be played on stage, and that our backup dancers were not able to get security clearance to come up with us. While we couldn't do anything about our dance squad, we did our best to have music to sing along to.

Our dude DJ Complex was a few hundred yards away at the 103.5 KISS FM stage, so we had him play the music from there. Problem was, we could barely hear anything on the main stage. Mateo and I did our best to stay on beat with the music, but faltered more than once. It also didn't help that directly in front of us in the crowd was a rowdy group of bros booing from the second we stepped on stage.

While our performance was definitely subpar, I'd like to thank everyone in the crowd that gave us a chance to sing our hearts out. We appreciate you, even if we didn't give you the performance you deserve.

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