According to legend, Idaho is home to not one, but at least TWO mysterious sea creatures. Be very wary the next time you dip your toes into either one of these lakes. There could be a monster swimming under you.

The Bear Lake Monster of Bear Lake

What is it?

The Bear Lake Monster is described as a serpent-like creature. Some eyewitnesses claimed it's body is so big it touches the bottom of the lake and could be anywhere from 40 to 200 feet long. It's head is similar to that of a walrus without tusks or like an alligator's and large eyes.

What are it's origins?

Sighting of the Bear Lake Monster date back to when the Native Americans first inhabited the area. They referred to it as the "water devil" after it reportedly captured and carried away Indians who were swimming in the lake. In the summer of 1868 early settlers spotted as many as 10 different sea creatures at one time! Joseph C. Rich documented the mass sighting in the Deseret News Newspaper back in 1868.

Sharlie of Payette Lake 

What is it?

Sharlie is also a sea serpent who lurks in the deep waters of the Payette Lake. Comparisons have been drawn between Sharlie and the Loch Ness Monster although some claim Sharlie sightings have been happening way before anyone knew of Nessy. In 1944, a group of people spotted a creature in the water describing it as, “At least 35-40 feet long, with a dinosaur-type head, pronounced jaw, humps like a camel, and shell-like skin. It had the wake of a small motor boat.

What are it's Origins?

The Native Americans believed an evil spirit rested in the still and seemingly bottomless waters of the lake. The first documented sighting of what has also been referred to as Slimy Slim was back in 1920 by a railroad logging crew. They thought they saw a huge log floating in the water but then the log started to move in swirling motions. It was clear that this was a creature that had created its own wake as it rapidly left the area.

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