Everyone gets all excited about the hot air balloons in the sky around this time of year. Where do they come from? What's this all about? There's a long-standing tradition and a connection to something so much bigger that many don't even know about. 

There are hot air balloon festivals all over the country - world, even. The one here in Boise is called the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. It's a 5-day hot air balloon event where people of all ages converge on Ann Morrison Park to watch the inflation of all types of hot air balloons.

Each balloon has an owner who travels around "piloting" their balloon. Yep, they are pilots and, yes, they have to train and put in flight time to be able to get the balloons in the air. All of these pilots bring their balloons and equipment and put together a crew for each day of the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. There's a lot of work that goes into just one launch.


A man by the name of Scott Spencer runs this whole event. It's his "baby" and he's kind of a big deal. While calling Boise home, Scott and his wife operate a company called "Lighter Than Air America, Inc." which runs on a global basis for clients.

I bet you didn't realize just how big of a deal this whole hot air balloon community was, did you? I didn't.


What's even cooler is that Scott's wife, Laurie, is so freaking rad that she's also a pilot and known as one of the nation's leading FEMALE corporate pilots. Who run the world? GIRLS! She's also the only female pilot who is assigned full time duty on Coke, Kellogg and Disney balloon programs.

She was the first to fly a Coca-Cola and Disney hot air balloon. Yep, that Disney.


Boise is actually known as having some of the best weather conditions for flying a balloon (the inner circles talk about it).

Let's think about it: Our skies are clear, our neighborhoods and downtown is open and welcoming and these balloons look pretty cool up against the foothills and the Boise Depot and along the Boise River. It's seemingly such a silly thing but it takes your breath away.


Friday is a day you won't want to miss. Night Glow is a tradition every year where all of the hot air balloons line up and tether themselves to the ground. Then, at dusk (more like dark), they light up all at once, in order, in a line, to a beat, one at a time or whatever they feel like. It's a free event and something that's pretty cool to capture with your phone. Talk about a great Instagram story! SCHEDULE.

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