Congratulations to another successful launch to this year's Alive After Five in Downtown Boise. All that heat ramped up thirsts and I just found out your tips don't go to the bartenders. So, who gets them? 


I went down to look at the new Grove Plaza before the official grand re-opening Wednesday and was totally ecstatic to finally take our son to the fountains. Looks like the hot temperatures kept beer vendors quite busy Wednesday and that's when I learned something interesting. Where do all those tips go?

Did you know that all those bartenders aren't depositing your tips? The gracious people serving you drinks are volunteers and each month money is dedicated to a new charity. I'm not sure if you know any servers or bartenders but I do and it says a lot if they're willing to donate their tips to charity. Most people in the industry live off tips. Much love to all those volunteers giving back. I've listed the local charities that receive your tips.

Boise Bicycle Project - Is a nonprofit community cooperative that promotes the personal, social & environmental benefits of bicycling. BBP functions as a bicycle recycling center & educational workspace in a diverse & non-threatening atmosphere. Through education & access to affordable refurbished bicycles, BBP strives to build a stronger bicycling community. This will be June's charity of choice.

Women's & Children's Alliance - I've met so many people that have or are receiving assistance from the WCA. Their mission statement is: Safety, healing, and freedom from domestic abuse and sexual assault. What an amazing organization. This will be the July charity.

Boise Firefighter's Local 149 Burnout Fund: The Burn Out Fund provides short-term assistance to families whose homes are destroyed by fire. This fund does so much more than that one simple sentence. You NEVER know when you'll be the one asking for assistance. Great fund! This will be August's charity.

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