Spring is officially in Idaho, if you go by the Spring Equinox that is. "The equinox — which translates roughly in Latin to “equal night” — is when the sun sits vertically above the equator, making day and night equal across the planet. The Spring Equinox officially marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and there are celebrations around the world to usher in longer days and springtime." says National Today about the official Spring Equinox on March 20th that has been observed every year since "1600 BC." There are certainly areas in Idaho that are far from Spring like weather...

Many places in the gem state are already having a nice taste of the warm sunshine that is getting more and more apparent everyday.

Idaho spring and summers have a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts. Theoutbound.com highlights Boise, Sun Valley, The Idaho Panhandle, Eastern Idaho and the Sawtooth mountains as the best spring state destinations.

If you live or are visiting the Boise area, here are some must do spring things to do...

Where to Enjoy Spring in Boise Metro

We are officially past Spring Equinox. Here are some great ideas and places to enjoy the outdoors as it gets warmer, sunnier and brighter every day.

Hikes to Explore Outside in and Around Boise

Need to connect with nature a bit? Or at least escape the day to day grind? Check out these Boise area hikes, some are quick if you only have an hour or two and some are half day journeys.

10 Things to Do in Boise on Your Day Off

Weekend? Holiday? or maybe you just need to play hooky from work and do something fun, I get it. Check out these 10 things to do around Boise with your day off.

Top 20 "Must See" Boise Destinations to Visit

How many have you visited?

10 Fun and FREE Things to Experience in Boise Idaho

Whether you grew up here, live here, are new to the area, visit here or want to show your friend and family who visit the Treasure Valley around, this list can be your great budget travel guide.

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