It's election time! This isn't the most popular time to go out and vote by any means. The Presidential election in a few years will be the largest and especially in our political climate.

This midterm election does have a particular buzz and future stakes are at an all-time high. Regardless of which political party you identify with, everyone has something to lose. Will you vote?

I will be updating you with several watch parties if you choose to fight the madness on Tuesday evening. This isn't your typical viewing event and you'll wanna make sure you choose your location wisely. There is no doubt that this year's election could go down as one of the most important to date.

This will be the most significant midterm election since the  Republican party won back the majority of power in 1994 - Kevin Miller/Morning Show Host 580 KIDO- AM

It's all about the power this year. The election is, has and will continue to be nasty. There is no middle ground and this might be one of the most divisive times in our lifetime. We will either see the Republicans remain in power, a split or a blue wave of Democratic victories. Honestly, nobody has any idea and there is no super poll of answers.

I have a feeling this is a no-win situation because civility is slipping through our hands. We've elected officials to protect us and all they do is sling mud while we sling it back across the kitchen table. Will the real politicians please stand up? Can we get back to normal when we didn't care who our neighbor voted for?

Idaho Democrats Watch Party - Linden Building, Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Idaho Republicans Watch Party with 580 KIDO-AM - Riverside Hotel, Tuesday, November 6, 2018


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