Boise Music Festival is creeping up on us and before you know it, it will be here. Believe me, we're in the office talking about this event every single day and I feel that WE don't even realize how quick this thing is coming up!

This event is a staple in our city and it has been for TEN YEARS if you count this massive concert coming up. Pitbull will be headlining, complimented by The Eli Young Band--both of which have a huge buzz around them right now!

I'm posting up to keep YOU in the loop because I'm seeing how many of you are messaging us asking-- "where can I get my BMF tickets?"

Well, outside of buying them, you're going to need to track us down and win yourself a pair. This week we're going to be BUSY on the streets which is great news for you! Here's where you can find us to win yours!

  • 1

    Humpin' Hannah's

    Downtown Boise on Main Street

    I'll be hanging out with Rocci Johnson and The Rocci Johnson Band giving away free Boise Music Festival tickets this Wednesday! Catch us between 10:00 p.m. and Midnight for yours!

  • 2

    Idaho Central Credit Union

    10990 Fairview Ave

    If you've ever joined us with ICCU, you know that these guys can party.  There will be a food truck on site, free BMF tickets, and some fun provided by ICCU! Catch us on Friday from 11am-1pm

  • 3

    Hotbox Farms

    Huntington, Oregon

    I'm not one to partake...but perhaps you are? This popular Oregon dispensary has invited us out for some fun on Friday, May 17th from 4pm-6pm and there will be plenty of BMF tickets for you to win here if you make the drive out.

  • 4

    Central Park Commons

    303 W. Pennwood Street, Meridian

    SaturYAY fun with Central Park Commons!  Friday's can be tough because most of us have to work during the day--hopefully having a ticket stop on the streets on a Saturday will help you be able to make it! We'll be here from 1pm-3pm with YOUR free tickets!

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