September 11th, 2001. It's a day that our nation will never forget and one that will hopefully, as painful as it is to think of, bring us together as a nation. On September 11th, our nation and the world watched as innocent lives were taken by selfish acts of terror unlike anything seen on our nations soil.

That morning, I was in Miss Fox's 2nd Grade class at St. Paul's Catholic School in Nampa, Idaho.  I remember wondering what on earth was going on as all of the adults around us were terrified of what was happening. The fear and emotion in the air is something that even as a child, I'll never forget. Coverage on the news after school was around the clock and family friends right here in the Treasure Valley had loved ones lost in the terror attacks.

In a time when out world is so divided, I hope that this can serve as a reminder all of these years later, that we're nothing more than one human people. No matter our faith or our political frame of mind-- "united", we must be.

I've included some thoughts shared by some of our nations finest political figures, below


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