Every Thursday Mateo and I go out and deliver donuts to KISS FM listeners and today we had special guest Keke and Kat with us for the deliveries. After our last delivery as we were driving back to the station all of our phones went off with severe weather alerts. The alerts said ping pong ball size hail and 60 mile per hour winds, we could see dark skies out west towards Nampa and Caldwell but thought nothing of it. 10 minutes later Mateo and I walked into Whole foods to get a chicken bowl, what happened next was shocking! The second we walked out of the store the storm hit us with a vengeance, it was as if the shower was on full blast and I was in a car going 50 miles per hour with my head out the window, streets were flooded and a tree outside of the station was missing major limbs. Interestingly enough an hour later the sun was shinning and we were back to beautiful a spring day in Boise. Where were you when the storm hit? We will rebuild.


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