I would like to start out by saying yes, I'm guilty as charged. So often I wish that the rhetoric online was a little less..."complaint-driven", if you will. Especially when it comes to the Treasure Valley. This area is my home and it will be for the rest of my life-- but we've got to talk about these downtown Boise lanes.

You may recall that a summer or two ago, many people online commented about the same issue: these street lanes do NOT match up. After noticing that crews have been refreshing pavement around Downtown Boise's streets--I laughed and thought to myself: "maybe the lanes will match up now".

Well, I was wrong.

While driving through downtown Boise this afternoon, we captured a photo of just how NOT "in-line" these lanes are.

In the particular instance pictured, we understand that the left lane has a turn option...but it certainly doesn't end! Optically, however, it almost always causes a knee-jerk reaction to swerve!

If you need a closer look, take a peak at this FULL SIZED image that we were able to capture, below. Zoom into those lines past the light!

Credit: Mateo, Townsquare Media Boise
Credit: Mateo, Townsquare Media Boise

I'm not sure who planned these lanes or frankly, who painted them, but please tell me I am not the only person that is going crazy with how poorly they're lined up.

Then again, maybe I should just stop complaining...



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