It looks like Amazon's purchase of the behemoth market chain was anything but wholesome for many employees.

One anonymous employee spelled it out pretty clearly:

I wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares. The stress has created such a tense working environment. Seeing someone cry at work is becoming normal.

What happened? Why are conditions there so stressful? Many say it's because of Whole Foods' new "order to shelf" policy they've instated since the Amazon buyout.

Basically, that means Whole Foods is restocking shelves more often to guarantee fresh products. Good for the consumer, but it sounds punishing for employees.

It's gotten so bad that some employees say they've been subjected to "pop quizzes" from superiors, and if they don't perform, they're terminated.

For this writer, I've been to the downtown Boise Whole Foods tons of times, and never noticed anything out of the ordinary as far as employee attitude/actions go. I always see smiling faces there, and employees are always kind and professional. Perhaps Boise's Whole Foods has avoided what seems to be a toxic environment. The entire article on the unveiling of the behind-the-scenes at Whole Foods can be found here.


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