Before you go crazy looking for Taylor Swift so you can get that quick selfie or shout out like a little 'Fan Girl' how much you Looooooove her know that Swift is not physically in Idaho.  But she's definitely here in spirit and what she just did for one of our Idaho families is 'Off-The-Hook' cool.  She's sending her love and thousands of dollars in donations to one Idaho family who's been through a lot over the past three years.

Credit: Bartell Family / GoFundMe
Credit: Bartell Family / GoFundMe

East Idaho News reports that Swift has donated $15,500 to the Bartell family of Idaho Falls who has fallen on hard financial times since the mother of the house, Lauriann Bartell was admitted to the hospital for a bleeding ulcer back in 2015.  Lauriann ended up in a coma and has remained that way for the past two years.

There are six children in the Bartell family that are all very active.  They play sports, dance, and do all sorts of extracurricular activities that every child should be doing as they grow up.  Those activities come at a cost and its been very difficult coming up with the money.  That's when Taylor Swift came in.  She's known about this family for some time and specifically 19-year-old, Sadie Bartell, who is one of the daughters and has been a die-hard, devoted Taylor Swift fan her whole life.  When Swift donated the money to their GoFundMe Page that was set up she left this comment...

Love, Taylor, Meredith and Olivia Swift.

Meredith and Olivia are Swift's cats.  The crazy thing is this donation has brought in so much outside attention that hundreds of others are jumping on board and donating as well.  The GoFundMe goal is $40,000 and so far more than $27,000 has been donated.  Sadie Bartell posted this on her Facebook Page after seeing Swift's generosity...

Taylor Swift receives a lot of heat for some of the choices she's made with her career.  Some country listeners don't like that she strayed from that and went Pop.  Some Pop listeners don't even think about her being country at all.  The list goes on and on but the bottom line is this... SWIFT GIVES BACK!  She's one of the most giving superstars on this planet and YES, she has plenty to be grateful for and plenty to share but that doesn't mean she has to.  She chooses to, and today she's made a very big difference in the lives of one of our Idaho families.  For that, I salute her.

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