Much to our dismay there are so many people moving to Idaho and one of the many reasons is the lower cost of living. At least that was that case in the past but lately we've all seen the cost of real estate as well as rents go through the roof. Now another basic necessity is skyrocketing, according to AAA the price for a gallon of regular gasoline is now selling for around $3.93 in the Treasure Valley. The scary part is that prices are not slowing down and chances are that they will be up to $4 sometime this week.

Today's (8-2-21) gas prices around Idaho:

Boise - $3.93

Twin Falls - $3.90

Idaho Falls - $3.78

Pocatello - $3.77

Coeur d'Alene - $3.42

Lewiston - $3.48

"Typically, people start making adjustments to their driving habits when the price hits the $3.50 mark, but we suspected that some travelers would be very determined this year, and that their pain threshold might be a little higher than usual," said AAA Idaho spokesman Matthew Conde in a ktvb interview.

AAA claims that in the last week gas prices have risen by five cents in Idaho and 32 cents more than a month ago. The national average is currently at $3.18 however here at home our average is a whopping sixty one cents more at $3.79.

Idaho, Utah and Wyoming all have relatively higher gas prices as compared to their neighboring states. The question is WHY?. Supply and demand is always the issue in our region and currently there are under six million barrels which is about 1.5 million barrels less than a year ago. OPEC recently approved an increase in production that just went into effect on August first, hopefully this helps gas prices move in the right direction. I would be lying if said I didn't have questions such as... What is Idaho becoming? Are we the next California?

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