When I saw some of my Team Run Boise teammates post photos of a Mr. Potato Head doll they found during their trail run, I didn't think much of it. Little did I know their discovery is was part of a huge phenomena happening in the foothills!

Darth Taters, Mad Hatters, Storm Troopers and more character Mr. Potato Head dolls have popped up on trails from Polecat, to the Eagle Bike Park and beyond.  Each of these little guys is carrying a laminated note encouraging trail users that find them to follow @idahoshredhead on Instagram and post pictures with the Potato Head using #idahoshredhead, #ridahogold and #selfiewithaspud. Simple enough, right?

JanMarie Jobe/Team Run Boise

But what's a "Shredhead?!" It's a group celebrating the fact that the International Mountain Bicycling Association has recognized Boise-Eagle as a "Gold Ride Center."  The designation means that an area has the best that the sport of mountain biking has to offer from expert only trails to beginners routes.

Trail users who stumble upon these guys are welcome to transport them to another trail location, but not take them home with you.  The Idaho Shredhead Instagram account has posted pictures of  the Polecat Shredhead and Storm Trooper Shredhead on milk cartons saying they have been "spud-napped."  Their hashtags indicate that they'd like whoever the culprit was to return the Mr. Potato Head doll to wherever they found it.

I'm so bummed that I didn't see one when my friend Kimberly and I hit the foothills near Highland's Hollow on Friday morning! I want a selfie with a spud! (Subtle hint for the Shredheads to stick a Potato Head on those trails! I'll take him for a pint of Spoontounge after our run.  Promise!)

Check out all the people that have stumbled upon the Potato Heads HERE!

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