Idaho continues to be the worldwide celebrity magnet as the place where famous folks can leave the intense scrutiny of their lives to live like everyday folks. Ernest Hemingway was Idaho's first celebrity who lived out his last days in the Sun Valley area. The writer shared stories of the area's beauty with his worldwide audience. It's not unusual to meet folks who travel worldwide to visit his home and final resting place.

In the modern era, Bruce Willis is credited with putting the Hailey, Idaho area on the map. It seems that every Hollywood celebrity has a second home in Idaho. Look at who you're likely to run into in Hailey or Ketchum.  

10 Celebrities You're Most Likely to Encounter in Idaho

We recently reported that the older stars are not only finding their own private Idaho but also young stars Justin Bieber and Usher are vacationing in Coeur d'Alene recently.

Have you ever wondered if the Treasure Valley will one day rival the rest of Idaho as an attraction for Hollywood celebrities? We have plenty of multi-million dollar estates that could service a tech billionaire to a Hollywood starlet. The magic of the Treasure Valley is you get everything a large major city has with the hospitality of your favorite small town.

Boise is home to the statehouse, where famous actors could visit or perhaps study our state legislature's works in preparation for a new role. The Greenbelt is another attraction that would keep anyone fit without being hassled by the paparazzi. The beauty of the Treasure Valley is that you don't need to leave the area to find world-class entertainment. Bogus Basin offers skiing, mountain biking, and second-to-none hiking trails. Meridian is home to Roaring Springs; Kuna has the Bird of Prey Sanctuary.  


Hopefully, one day, Coeur d'Alene and Sun Valley are not the only part of Idaho where the world gets away from it all.

Check out Justin and Hailey Bieber in Idaho

10 More Celebrities You're Most Likely to Run Into in Idaho

A handful of these stars have family with ties to Idaho, while others visit to enjoy all the opportunities Idaho's great outdoors provide!

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