Without fail, you're bound to see this scene at least once a year in Idaho:

You're driving through a rare snowstorm, trying to keep pace with the vehicles around you. It's difficult to see, with snow blasting your windshield and nearly blinding your vision of the road. When, all of a sudden, you see a pickup truck whizz past you going way over the speed limit.

Do you see that same pickup truck stuck in a snowbank or a ditch a halfmile up the road? You do. Every. Single. Time.


Because, for some reason, many vehicle owners believe that having a larger vehicle, or a vehicle equipped with 4-wheel-drive, will keep you safe from slipping and sliding on the snow and ice.

It won't.

This writer grew up in Michigan, where you're driving through snow at least three months every year. Only a few things are proven to help you safely stop when driving in icy conditions:

  • Proper driving
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Good, new quality (and preferably snow) tires

A big truck, a giant EV, not even a G-Wagon G-Wagon G-Wagon G-Wagon is going to save you from sliding that massive piece of steel off the road.

4-wheel-drive trucks are not safer in snow and ice. Read it again.

Stay safe out there. No matter what you're driving!

Whoops! 😳 It's Illegal to Throw Out these 23 Things in Idaho

💡 Know Better, Do Better

  • ⚠️ When ridding your residence of industrial products, solvents, paints, disinfectants, and fertilizers, there's more to know than most realize!

  • ☠️ Hazardous products are signaled by the following words/phrases: caution - danger - poison - warning - corrosive - flammable - explosive - oxidizer - irritant - environmental hazard.

  • 🌳 The City of Boise Public Works commission oversees the disposal of chemicals that threaten human health and the environment.

  • 🤳🏽 Help keep your community safe! Scroll on for a list of 13 products Idahoans are banned from tossing into residential dumpsters.

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