We don't often see stories of companies be forced to unload millions of dollars to numerous states across the country, but this is 2022. There are no rules. Nothing makes sense. Anything goes.

Luckily, this is (probably) going to have a positive effect on Idaho, so we're all for it.

The vape brand JUUL, after a settlement was all wrapped up, is being forced to pay back $438,000,000 to 34 states in the U.S. Why? They were being very naughty with their advertisements!

The settlement claims that JUUL was using its marketing to reach underage users, a big no-no. On top of that, apparently JUUL also was misrepresenting the amount of nicotine contained in their products.

Of that $438 milli, Idaho is expected to receive right around $8,300,000. That's good. The rub is it's going to take six to ten years for all that money to make its way to the Gem State.

On top of that, JUUL is also no longer permitted to target youths in their marketing, they can't feature anyone under 35 in their advertising, they can't sell any flavors not approved by the FDA, and they have to be 100% transparent about the nicotine content in their products.

What did we learn today? You don't lie to the good people of Idaho! Because we'll make you pay us a bunch of money and we'll throw potatoes at you.

Maybe we made that last part up, but being lied to by a big company like JUUL really does get us in the potato-hurling mood, doesn't it?

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