This June kicks off one of our favorite months in Boise and across the state of Idaho. Pride Month!

And every year around this time, someone brings up the question "...well why isn't there a straight pride month?" Fair enough. Let's dig into it.


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The question "Why isn't there a 'straight pride month'?" has popped up on the internet many, many times, and we were honestly curious as to what people's response has been to this question. So we looked into it.

It's been covered here at CNN.

It's been covered why there isn't a straight pride parade.

USA Today explained why there's gay pride, but no straight pride.

Our neighbors over at the Utah Statesmen have covered it.

Here's 13 reasons why we don't have straight pride.

Now, just because some people on the internet say it, doesn't necessarily make it true. And we like to hear all sides of any talking about any talking point, because that's the only way we can all get along and make progress.

What's your take? Is Boise and Idaho stepping over a line by celebrating Gay Pride Month in June, but not having a specific month dedicated toward straight pride?

Also, what would a straight pride movement even look like? Honestly curious how that would play out.

Let us know your thoughts. Sure, this is a polarizing topic to some, but that absolutely does not mean we have to fight and argue and sling insults in the comments. It's 2024, which is a really good year to start getting along with other people.


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