The battle for Ukraine continues to draw international attention to the plight of the Ukrainian people. We've seen protests around the world condemning the Russians for their invasion. From bar owners to grocery stores, business owners have refused to sell Russian Vodka.  

Popular Russian Vodka Brands You Might See in Idaho

When it comes to vodka in the State of Idaho, there are a lot of great options including many that are made right here in the state. Some of these options are even based from our special, Idaho-grown potatoes. There are plenty of Russian-made vodkas available, as well.

Now some of the nation's most prominent governors are getting into the act of sticking up for Ukraine.  The Hill reports that governors in several states are pulling Russian products from the shelves. Governors of Virginian, New Hampshire, Utah, Colorado, Georgia, and a few other states have refused to do anything with Russian products.  


The United States and the rest of the world have issued strict sanctions that have begun to cripple the Russian financial markets. The question remains will other states follow the lead of the several that we've mentioned above? Why hasn't Idaho joined the Russian boycott?  

Several Boise-based bars have begun not to sell Russian Vodka. You can read that report from our friend Mateo here.  Most folks voting in the upcoming Republican Primary would like to see the state follow the actions of the state governments we listed above.  Why not remove Russian Vodka from Idaho's state liquor stores as suggested in the tweet above?  

Idaho making a statement can only help our friends in the Ukraine who are fighting for their lives. An executive order from Governor Little would quiet his critics on the right as he prepares for his reelection.  

Let's hope someone in the governor's office passes this idea to him, saying that Idahoans are standing with our friends in Ukraine.  

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