This summer has been brutal in the Treasure Valley. Boise has been breaking temperature records and the consecutive days over 100 degrees have been too many for comfort. In an attempt to cool off the locals head to public pools, waterparks and lakes like Lucky Peak and Lowell. A local favorite is Quinn's ponds and while it's convenient and a nice place to cool off, at one point does the publics safety come into play?

The time to close Quinn's Pond permanently has come. If you've lived in Boise for any amount of time you have seen the reports over and over... "Quinn's pond experiencing high levels of e.coli bacteria"... "Quinn's Pond closed to the public"... etc. Here's a Boise Parks and Rec FB post that should look familiar:

"The bacteria levels have lowered so we have reopened the ponds at Esther Simplot Park and Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park. We are monitoring the ponds and please be aware that levels can rise again and result in another closure. Signage will be posted if conditions change."
The signage is fine but its human tendency is to do the opposite of what we're told. No matter how many attempts at keeping the combination of geese poop, dog feces and human excrement at minimal levels the pond is contaminated on regular basis. How many people have to get sick? how many times does the pond have to be closed in order for this vicious cycle to end? Should the public be allowed to continue putting their health at risk? Am I over reacting? What do you think?

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