It's easy to be caught up in the celebrity circus and admire some of them as role models. I'm guilty of saying this person is the coolest person, or this person will always have my backing. For me though one of them stands above the rest.

The Rock seems like one of the most genuine, likable people in the celebrity atmosphere. He has been pretty open about how he was raised and his trials and tribulations. With close to 33 million followers on instagram and 9.5 million people on twitter he is pretty open with his fans. Whether it comes to his work outs, with behind the scenes of his movies, or the ups and downs of his life such as the death of his puppy to the news he's going to have another child with his girlfriend. He seems like a clear role model for a person of any age.

Frazer Harrison
Frazer Harrison

Recently he went on Oprahs network (OWN) and did a masterclass, which I think is a great series if you haven't checked it out. This series gives, in my opinion, the most honest and in depth look at celebrities and brings them to a normal perspective which we can  all take a look at. Sometimes we think they have everything they could ever ask for, and we wonder why should they complain, but this series lets us know they have their issues just like us.

The Rock has been pretty open with his life, but its refreshing to see more perspective on his life. Check out this little tidbit from his masterclass and see what kind of person he is. This man is my main role model and I feel like he should be yours also.

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